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Interested in jewellery or a career in jewellery? I want to use this page to share my knowledge and experience with you all. When I first got started in my career I found it could sometimes be difficult to know where to get started if you either want a career in the jewellery industry or to know where to get buy jewellry making findings, materials and equipment. If anyone has any questions please feels free to get in touch using the contact us form and i’ll try my best to help.

Want to buy jewellery making equipment?

Ebay – Beads, findings, tools and more
Cooksons – Metal,  findings, stones and tools
Bellore – Metal, findings, stones, beads, leather and tools
Suttons – Jewellery making tools
Weston Beamor – Casting and cad-design
Moo.com – Funky business card company

Want to buy a jewellery making book …

Want to buy a guide to gemstones …

Want to work as a jewellery buyer?

To become a jewellery buyer, most recruiters require you be qualified to degree level. Ideally your degree should be in a related field eg. jewellery, fashion, textiles, business, buying and merchandising, however it does not always matter if you can show other necessary skills. In order to become a buyer you need to work your way up from buyer’s admin, assistant buyer, in some cases junior buyer then to buyer. The key skills required to become a successful buyer are to be organised , creative, analytical, a good negotiator, work well under pressure, a good trend spotter, self motivated, have confident presentation skills, good with figures and an understanding the market you are buying for. It is an exciting and interesting job but you need to be passionate and driven in order to succeed, here are a few links to help you to find the perfect job in buying…

Want to visit beautiful jewellery?

I have put together a selection of some of my favourite places to see stunning classic and contemporary jewellery that hopefully you will love too …

Want to buy a jewellery design book …

Want to buy Jewellery Focused Magazines?

Here are a collection of specialist jewellery magazines and magazines with jewellery editors…

Retail Jeweller
Jewellery Focus
Crafts Magazine
Professional Jeweller